Monday, June 01, 2015

'Jesa Christa': God is female too, say Church of England campaigners - UPDATED

Calls to refer to God as female in official liturgies are growing among men and women in the Church of England as preparations begin for the enthronement of the first diocesan woman bishop in Gloucester later this year.

Proclaiming "Jesa Christa, crucified" is among the liturgical changes that could help lessen abuse of power in the Church, according to a leading woman priest.

While there is support at the highest levels for the liturgies to be rewritten to represent the female as well as the male side of God, any change would need to go through the General Synod of the Church of England. Keep reading

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Latimer Studies 16: Language and Liturgy
"We should not expect uniformity of liturgy across the Anglican Communion, but we should look for a common theological basis. Our commitment to the principles underlying the liturgy of the Prayer Book should produce forms of corporate worship which may be diverse, but which still bear a family resemblance. The 1662 Prayer Book provides a standard by which other liturgies may be tested and measured. One key principle of revision is that new liturgies must be seen to be in continuity with the Book of Common Prayer. For example, where 1662 gives ‘Our Father which art in heaven,’ to have ‘Our Father in heaven’ is recognisably in continuity, whereas something like ‘Our Mother which art in heaven’ most certainly is not. This latter phrase is also inconsistent with biblical teaching and Anglican traditions of expression…." Being Faithful: The Shape of Historic Anglicanism Today, pp. 47-48 

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