Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Leadership You Can Make Happen

I hear it all the time—“Yeah, Brad, that’s great for them, but we don’t have the staff or the resources or the budget or the capacity to pull off that kind of initiative.” Or, “Of course you can have that large of a crowd at that conference—your resources are unlimited. But we could never do that.”

You’ve probably heard that before, and you’ve probably said it before. The reality is, the average church in America, according to the Barna Group, is around 90 people, with, I would guess, not more than three paid staff. So most of you reading this are short on resources, with limited staff, and you spend your time taking out the trash as well as preaching the sermons and casting vision.

While that may be true, there are certain parts of leadership, organizational development and church life that everyone can put into practice, regardless of how small, how new, how strategic or how big your budget or staff. Take heart, take courage, and put these five leadership keys into practice. Keep reading

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