Thursday, June 25, 2015

Like a Wild Goose: Wild Goose Appalachian Church

Three years ago, when Indian Valley Presbyterian Church closed its doors in Floyd, Va., Edwin Lacy, who had been working there as an associate minister, saw an opportunity to resurrect and transform the little country church.

“It was located in an interesting community with an eclectic mix of people, all drawn together by the Appalachian culture,” says Lacy, who suspected he might attract members if the worship service was casual, nontraditional, and one that celebrated its local flavor.

Lacy became lead pastor and renamed the church Wild Goose Appalachian Church. His first order of business was replacing the pews with donated rocking chairs. “We have 40 rocking chairs of all different shapes and sizes,” says Lacy. “Their diversity is representative of the way we welcome individuality.” Keep reading
How might your church connect with your community?

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