Monday, June 08, 2015

Marks of Orthodoxy?

I must have heard the words “orthodox” and “orthodoxy” in my home hundreds–if not thousands–of times as a boy. For whatever reason, I never cared to ask my father what they meant until I was almost in my 20’s. It is anything but uncommon to hear them used if you move within any serious ecclesiastical circle–especially in Reformed and Presbyterian churches. In fact, one Reformed and Presbyterian group has denominated themselves by the word. The words “orthodox” and “orthodoxy” are grown-up words. They are words that denote that which is accepted in history and tradition as being right and true. They are words that have been used to set apart a people of truth from a world–and sadly often from churches–full of falsehood. Sometimes, however, they are wrongly used to set apart those who are orthodox in their doctrinal views from others who are orthodox in their doctrinal views. Let me explain. Keep reading

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