Saturday, June 20, 2015

Millennials Search For Religious ‘Authenticity’

Millennials are forging their own path when it comes to church attendance and religion.

As a popular May Pew poll pointed out, many of these young people are veering sharply away from organized religion and towards the “nones” category, an opaque motley of agnostics, atheists, and the “free range faithful,” as Elizabeth Drescher calls them in her article for America magazine. They are, as she puts it, “ambling all about the religious landscape to partake of its diverse offerings without seeking a single set of answers (or questions) or intending to settle in one spiritual place.”

However, while they seem to be seeking more flexibility, Drescher’s article also notes that most “nones” have some specific goals in mind: they want something “relational and experiential, oriented toward being present to the spiritual based in the self, the other and the world instead of in structures of belief, belonging and behaving associated with traditional religions.” Keep reading

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