Monday, July 13, 2015

Not Too Small to Plant

For nearly 50 years, the American church has measured success by numbers, dollars and buildings. Like it or not, pastors know this to be true. Questions that begin with the words, “How many?” and “How big?” are ones we commonly face, must answer or otherwise discuss on a daily basis. Younger, less established or new-to-ministry pastors are the ones most likely to feel a pressure to perform in this regard. Similarly, pastors of smaller churches bear the burden of subtle prompts that often—though unintentionally—suggest their ministries are not as significant, noteworthy or instructive as ministries of those leading larger churches; that is, pastors who are most likely to be invited onto the main stage, to write a book or to address their denomination at the annual meeting.

But think about it: If large numbers are truly the measure of success, Jesus was a horrible failure. Sure, he did a few big events; but on a good day, he had, what? about 70 folks in attendance? Keep reading

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