Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Harm of Leadership Leapfrog

New leaders are always in great demand. New opportunities and growth keeps the demand high, and sadly the supply is often low. We have, in many places, a leadership development problem.

New opportunities and growth confront leaders with the constant need for more leaders. A new opportunity arises for your ministry and you look for a new leader to lead the initiative. Or the growth of a ministry widens the necessary leadership base and new leaders are quickly needed to provide care.

When new opportunities and growth come, leaders are tempted to place underdeveloped leaders in positions, to leapfrog their own implicit leadership pipelines. Leapfrogging a leadership pipeline means to over-promote someone, to skip stages of development, to take people who have been competent at one level and thrust them into a new place of leadership that is several steps ahead.

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