Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8 Simple Steps to Triple Your Facebook Impact

More and more these days, leaders are finding themselves utilizing social media, and especially facebook and twitter to impact people, and train other leaders.

Michael Hyatt has said, “[Leaders] have to see the use of social media as an integral part of your job. It has to be a tool that enables you to accomplish your work—your real work—more effectively and more efficiently.”

But aside from making time for social media, leaders often find themselves at a loss of how to utilize the technology effectively.

Adding to this, facebook has now begun to cut back the “organic reach” of posts, and some pages find themselves struggling to reach their followers, and at a loss of what to do.

Growing in your knowledge of how to use various platforms for the sake of your leadership is important, and small steps can help you increase your influence and engagement, helping your overall leadership impact tremendously. Keep reading

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