Friday, August 14, 2015

Are You Living in a Post Christian America?

In Much of the United States, Urbanization Equates to Greater Secularization

The percentage of Americans who are categorized as "post-Christian" has increased from 37 percent in 2013 to 44 percent in 2015, with the highest percentages residing in urban areas of the northeast and Pacific Northwest, according to a Barna Group study published this month.

"Across the United States, cities in every state are becoming more post-Christian — some at a faster rate than others," the study reveals.

While 78 percent of Americans identify as Christian, Barna used 15 metrics to track indifference to Christianity and those surveyed had to meet nine of those factors to qualify as post-Christian. Individuals who met 12 or more of the factors are categorized as "highly post-Christian." Keep reading

2015 Sees Sharp Rise in Post-Christian Population

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