Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beyond Baristas and Bands

There’s a lot of language being tossed around today like “missional,” “missional communities,” “incarnational,” “be the church vs. go to church” and other words that describe a certain ministry philosophy. When I ask what all of this means, it is often described as making sure you intentionally get to know your church’s neighbors and serve their needs. I can’t imagine Jesus not being pleased with this, but as a church leader what do these terms mean about truly being engaged in your community as a whole church? How is it expressed?

We’ve used our building to host moms for auto repair, family photos and a clothing boutique. And we’ve assisted others in need through our campus—but we also felt some engagement was missing. What about our vibrant local arts and music community? Or students from the nearby university? Keep reading
The first step to connecting with your community on its terms is to learn as much about your community as you can. Leave no stone unturned. 

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