Friday, August 21, 2015

Beyond the First Church of the Consumer

Church leaders’ responsibilities often can seem ambiguous. Do our responsibilities lie solely in leading the people within our church? How do we even define “the church”?

Many of us feel the tension between meeting the needs of our church family and those of our community. Both ends of the spectrum represent real people with real struggles. But the magnetic force that pulls our focus into our church walls can be so strong that it sometimes causes us to question our responsibilities outside those walls.

Pastoring a church isn’t a location-based obligation. Or maybe it is, and that location is where we are at any moment. Either way, it’s not something of which we clock in and out. It’s a commitment to share Christ and His great love with the people in our lives.

But that responsibility isn’t ours alone. It belongs to the church—anyone who follows Christ. We are the church, and we’re here for the world. Keep reading

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