Monday, August 24, 2015

Finding the Right Church Planting Model Parts 4 & 5: Alternative Church Planting Models

Finding the Right Church Planting Model Part 4: The Missional Incarnational Approach

What do Missional Incarnational church plants look like, and how do they work best?

When it comes to alternative church-planting models, there are two main ones. In the next two posts I will cover both of them. First, I will cover the Missional Incarnational approach. Keep reading

Finding the Right Church Planting Model Part 5: The Organic House Church Approach 

A brief look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Organic House Church approach to church planting

Our culture has been obsessed with “organic” in recent years. Organic usually means there is an absence of foreign, unnatural, and/or processed chemicals or elements. In other words, it doesn’t have all the unhealthy additives or chemicals as the regular stuff.

In this post, I want to continue my series on church planting models, including alternative models, by sharing some information regarding the organic / house / simple church approach. Keep reading

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