Monday, August 31, 2015

“My Church Model Is Better Than Yours!”

“The Mega Church is the best!”

“No! The House/Organic Church is the best!”

“No way, bro! The Hipster Church is the best!”

“The Traditional Church was good for the Apostle Paul; therefore, it is still the best!”

We slam the Mega Church, saying it’s “too corporate and shallow.”

We slam the House Church/Organic Church as just “a bunch of bitter and disgruntled people who were burned in a Mega Church, so that now they just want to meet together with a ‘four and no more’ mentality.”

We slam the Hipster Church as too “technologically driven and entertainment-based, with music so loud it will bruise your internal organs.”

And we slam the Traditional Church as “dead and irrelevant.”

Enough already! STOP IT!

Last time I checked, the New Testament doesn’t say anything about Mega Church, House Church, Organic Church, Hipster Church, or Traditional Church. Keep reading

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