Monday, August 10, 2015

The Word Made Fresh

Innovators are finding creative ways to get people engaged with Scripture.

The tension was palpable. In front of an audience at the Q Ideas conference, Glenn Paauw had just enthusiastically explained how he and his team stripped the Bible of every artificial accouterment. Verse numbers, chapters, section headings, columns, commentary—all have been jettisoned to reveal virginal holy writ.

"Now it's in a format that allows you to see what was actually there," Paauw said triumphantly of his project, The Books of the Bible, a minimalist version of the NIV translation designed to bring readers closer to a 1st century experience of Scripture.

It was time for Phil Chen to explain the thinking behind his "Glo" Bible app, which features 3D tours of the Holy Land, immersive media, interactive maps, pinch-zoom everything. In effect, "Glo" is everything that would make Paauw bristle. Keep reading

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