Thursday, September 17, 2015

Canterbury Proposes Federal Model for Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Dissolving the Anglican Church to Save It

Justin Welby will reportedly try to preserve the group of churches, shaken by fights over homosexuality, by loosening its ties. Read more

Justin Welby launches ‘last throw of the dice’ to avert worldwide Anglican split

Archbishop of Canterbury's ‘separate bedrooms’ plan to stave off full divorce in 80-million strong global Anglican church but fears ‘large chunks’ of the Church of England itself could break away. Read more

How to Understand Justin Welby's Vision for Christian Unity

The Archbishop of Canterbury has summoned his Archbishops and other church leaders to a meeting at Canterbury next January to try and move forward after decades of division over women priests and homosexuality. This is not the beginnings of the end of the Anglican Communion. It is not a divorce. It is more a move to an open marriage, or at the least, separate bedrooms in the same house. Read more

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