Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Roundup: Eight Articles

A Calvinist Evangelist?

The fact of the matter is that Calvinism is not inconsistent with evangelism; it is only inconsistent with certain evangelistic methods. It is inconsistent, for example, with the emotionally manipulative methods created by revivalists such as Charles Finney. But these manipulative methods are themselves inconsistent with Scripture, so it is no fault to reject them. In order for evangelism to be pleasing to God, it must be consistent with the whole system of biblical teaching. But what does such evangelism look like? Read more

People Are Leaving for the Cool New Church! Now What?

Seven steps to help us rediscover our passion and stop comparing ourselves to others. Read more

Don’t Give up on the Black Church

Many black ministers-in-training are turning on the black church. Here’s why they should give it a second look. Read more

7 Characteristics of Cowardly Lion Leadership

Let’s face it. Leading others is hard. There is often loneliness to leadership. Leadership takes great courage. Read more

Extemporaneous Preaching

Reading this account fanned a desire that was already in my heart. At that point I determined that I would labor to become an extemporaneous preacher. Having done so now for the past 8 years, here are six principles that I have personally found helpful in learning to become an extemporaneous preacher.... Read more

Why Christianity Is Surging in the Heart of Islam

Medical missions and market dynamics lead to millions of believers in the Arabian Peninsula. Read more

South African court weighs claim of gay discrimination from defrocked minister

South Africa’s Constitutional Court heard oral arguments last month on a case pitting the right of a church to order its internal affairs against gay rights. Read more

Kenya’s Anglican church revokes priest’s license, suspends four others, over gay sex allegations

As the worldwide Anglican Communion struggles with how to treat gays in the church, the Anglican Church of Kenya has revoked a priest’s license and suspended four others over alleged gay sex. Read more

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