Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday's Roundup: Seven Articles

Why "Step Aside So the Church Can Find a Pastor to Grow It" Is a Bad Idea

Six reasons most small church pastors should stay, even if the numbers are static. The fifth one is a huge “of course!” moment. Read more

Vision Is Exciting, But

Leaders must focus their energy on how they plan to execute their vision. Here are some tips for activating vision... Read more

Improving Church Benevolence

Traditionally, churches work alone in their benevolence ministry: collecting donations and then distributing help to those in need. A much better and more biblically based form of benevolence is for a church to partner with local nonprofits who are already doing this type of work with excellence. Here are guidelines for accomplishing more.... Read more

Faith Has Its Reasons

Here I want to consider faith in relation to what are often seen as its opposites—reason and sense perception. Epistemology is the division of philosophy that seeks to answer one question: How do we know what we know, or how do we know what is true? Reason, sense perception, or some combination of the two have been among the most common answers to this basic question. Read more

How Well Does Your Church Understand the Role of the Pastor?

There are three interpretations commonly practiced within the local church when it comes to understanding the role of pastor and the congregation. Read more

Do You Say These 4 Things When You Preach?

I don't know of a pastor over the age of 40 who doesn't feel like Dorothy, the pig-tailed midwestern protagonist from Frank Baum's novel-turned-movie. The comfortable life we knew 'back on the farm' where the Church held a respected and influential seat at the table of cultural formation has been uprooted by a proverbial cyclone that has sent us crashing into a strange new world where the Church sits hidden, forgotten, and unwanted. Read more

The Word by Heart

How the ancient practice of reciting Scripture from memory is helping people hear the Bible afresh. Read more

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