Saturday, September 05, 2015

Lessons in Leadership: Five Articles

9 Vision Blockers for Church Leaders

One of my mentors once said to me, “If God is calling you to a place, He’ll give you a vision for that ministry.” He didn’t mean a literal vision, but he did mean something just as attention-getting: a clear sense of what God wants to accomplish in that new ministry. We may not grab that vision immediately, but we’ll gain that sense of direction as we follow His lead and get our feet on the ground in a new place. Then, things happen that sometimes block our vision. Here are a few of those things.... Read more

6 Vows Great Leaders Are Willing to Make and Keep

If you were to look through the New Testament for the phrase “make every effort,” you’d find it six times. They represent six important vows we need to make as leaders. I believe these six vows will lead to an effective and productive ministry. Read more

Prayer is Essential in the Life of a Leader

Early in my vocational ministry, our team was launching a new program that needed many volunteer leaders. We tried various recruiting techniques, begged and pleaded, and did everything we could to get people on board. When our efforts did not yield quick results, I was stressed over what to do next and afraid of failing. Then during a time of prayer, God brought Matthew 9:36-38 to mind. This was exactly the type of situation Jesus was talking to his disciples about. When the need is great and resources are limited, Jesus instructs us to ask the “Lord of the harvest” to provide. Read more

How to Be Authoritative without Being a Jerk

Fear only works when the big bad leader is present. The sigh of relief when jerk-leaders leave the room signals disengagement. The most effective leaders are authoritative, not authoritarian. Read more

The 4 Keys Of Delegation

...good delegation – whether its with a child or an adult – can require some skill. Early on in my leadership, I was a horrible delegator. In fact, I would say that I’m still growing in this area in some respects. I’m not sure if it’s an introvert thing, but I definitely struggle with giving up control. I have a mindset that if I want it done right, it’s better to do it myself. But, I have definitely found some keys that must be present in order to delegate effectively. Read more

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