Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Roundup: Eight Articles

Beyond the Screens

How can multisite churches convey pastoral presence? Read more

7 Traits of Courageous Leadership

Here are 7 traits of a courageous leader.... Read more

7 Things Leaders Do That Drive Their Team Nuts

As a short cut, here are 7 common things leaders do that drive their team nuts. I know this because I have driven my share of team members nuts over my years in leadership. Read more

4 Ways to Prevent Ministry Burnout

The fact that I’m still in ministry today should tell you that I have learned some lessons along the way. I’m passionate about sharing those I have gleaned. Think of them as four fence posts that set up a defined boundary around a healthy ministry. Read more

Evangelism: The Simplicity of Changing the World

Some Christians make evangelism look really hard, but in reality there’s nothing easier. Moore College Faculty member Peter Bolt explains why. Read more

Catholic village tells Protestant man to convert or go to prison

A Mexican protestant and his family have been persecuted for not converting to Catholicism, according to a leading Christian advocacy organisation. Read more

Turkey continues push to reopen iconic Hagia Sophia church as a mosque

Turkey's Culture and Tourism minister has said that reopening Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia as a mosque is his "personal dream, my goal, my ambition". Now a museum, the former cathedral which saw the coronation of Byzantine emperors and was at the heart of Orthodox faith for centuries has increasingly become a focus of Turkish Islamist nationalism. Read more

Recife diocese loses property appeal to IEAB

A Brazilian appeals court has upheld a lower court decision granting the property of the Diocese of Recife to the rump group loyal to the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB). Read more

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