Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thursday's Roundup:Twelve Articles and One Video

10 Things Effective Churches Do Well

I’ve written posts for this site and my own that describe some of the negatives our church consulting teams and “spies” have found in churches. The goal of this post is to show some of the positives we’ve seen in different churches. The topics vary, but perhaps something will help you in your church. Read more

Tell Your Church What They Are

I recently met with a pastor who leads a thriving church in my area. He planted the church in 2003 and it has grown from three families to 2,500 people in attendance today. He spent an hour with me sharing a lot of fantastic insights about casting vision, setting direction, and bringing people along on mission to reach the community. I want to share with you one of the most valuable pieces of advice he gave me: Tell your church what they are. Read more

6 Things Christians Say That Sound Like Faithfulness…But Aren’t

Of all the lies we tell, the lies we tell ourselves are the most destructive. Read more

The Latino Protestants In Our Backyards

The church has the chance to learn from our immigrant neighbors. Read more

The Church that Drinks Together

In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it. Read more

Three Reasons We Get Scared of the Holy Spirit

In some circles, talking too much about the Holy Spirit might cause people to question your doctrinal credentials. We’re scared to go too deep in our experience of the Spirit’s presence and power because we’ve seen other people go to extremes. There are several reasons for caution. Read more

Ten Systematic Theological Resources

After Tuesday’s post about why study systematic theology, I thought it might be helpful to explore what systematic theologies are worth using. In the last few years a number of significant systematic textbooks have been released as well as a host of stand alone volumes on different topics with in systematic theology. I can’t begin to mention them all. And once we get outside of Reformed-Evangelical circles, my knowledge becomes much more limited. So rather than attempting a survey of the field, let me mention ten systematic theology resources I come back to again and again. Read more

What Are 3 Ways for a Pastor to Prepare His Heart Before Conducting a Funeral?

Because there are so many elements to plan and logistics to prepare for, it is not uncommon for the pastor to have all his words prepared, service planned out, everyone in place, processional details checked off, and realize an essential element had been neglected—the pastor’s heart. Do not become enslaved to the tyranny of funeral preparation, only to stand and conduct with an empty, drained, and calloused heart. Do not underestimate the emotional and mental drain in comforting the grieving while preparing and performing a funeral. Thus, there are three areas for the pastor to take time and prepare his heart, mind, and soul.Read more

Beware of These Preaching Shortcuts

We like shortcuts assuming that they get us to where we are trying to go. If they do not then they are dangerous, unproductive detours. In his book The Priority of Preaching, Christopher Ash argues that there are no shortcuts for preaching with authority. He writes, “The authority is a wonderful authority, but it is an authority borrowed only at great cost. This is why there are no shortcuts that work.” Ash then helpfully warns preachers of three common shortcuts that preachers are tempted to take. I’ll state his points and briefly summarize them. Read more

My Small Group Looks Like Me

Why some multiethnic churches don’t mandate diversity at gatherings. Read more

5 Toxic Small Group Ministry Moves

I’ve noticed that there is a short list of small group ministry moves that can be toxic. They often seem harmless. They don’t look dangerous. But they can cause great damage. Read more

The Socality Movement: How the Changing Role of Local Churches Inspired a 'New Form of Evangelism' [Video]

At a time when more people are said to be turning away from faith, one group of believers has developed a new, innovative way of spreading the Gospel to ultimately propel people closer to God, and it seems to be working. Read more

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