Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Fourteen Articles

21 Signs Your Church Needs to Change do you know your organization needs to change? How do you stay 100 percent honest as a leader and engage the difficult issues? Read more

Keeping the Cross Front and Centre

Recently I was talking with a neighbour about church, and he asked me “So what is church all about?” He was curious, and wanted to know what I think is central to what we believe, sing about, pray about and how we relate to one another. What a great question! And it got me thinking. Read more

5 Hacks To Increase Your Team’s Consistency

Here are five ways to help increase consistency.... Read more

5 Essential Qualities of Great Pastors and Church Planters

Having said all of that, some people seem to lead well while others struggle. In general, these are the characteristics of leaders I see influencing growing numbers of people for the kingdom’s sake.... Read more

Three Implications of Our New Research on Pastors

The new groundbreaking LifeWay Research survey of 1500 pastors found that only one percent abandon the pulpit each year. I can think of at least three implications from this groundbreaking research. Read more

Seven Ways Pastors Can Develop Thicker Skin

Simply stated, critics and criticisms are inevitable for the pastor. They will not go away. Our purpose here is to suggest seven ways pastors can deal with them. I think all pastors need a preparatory course in developing thicker skin. Read more

Five Resources for Pastors in Transition

Regardless of the reasoning behind the moves, pastors change jobs and churches more frequently than ever before. If you are in a season of transition or God is leading you to a new place of ministry, here are a five simple resources which might be helpful. Read more

False Stop

Forced to resign, I thought my ministry was over. God had other plans. Read more

Preacher: Thou Shalt Not Bore People

Many of us who preach can identify with ole Jeb: we are sometimes kind of boring. And listen, you know this when you look up and see people fast asleep (hint: they are not praying for you when their eyes are closed). So we have some preachers who have a style and voice like Jeb Bush. It’s kind of dull. What can we do? Read more

Ten Books That Have Shaped My Life

Occasionally, someone asks me what books have most influenced me along the way. It’s not easy to narrow that list, but I’ve come to realize just how much these books listed here have affected my life. Read more

3 New Spiritual Disciplines for a New Technological Reality

It’s not hard to feel that the disciplines have become just one more spinning plate that we must keep in motion as we pursue Christ. Not only that, but other complications—modern, life-altering, and omnipresent—are leading us to increasingly fractured and shallow lives. Read more

Learning to Linger in a Spotify Age

The best things in life don’t come in an instant but over time, which means we must cultivate the ability to wait, listen, and linger. Read more

How Christians Can Evaluate Religious Liberty Objections

...we should continue to defend the religious liberty of all Americans—including unpopular Christians—for one simple reason: Without religious freedom no other freedoms matter. Read more

Ethiopian Christians cleared of holding ‘illegal meetings’

On 26 Aug, four months after their initial arrest, a judge dismissed all charges against the seven Christians charged with holding “illegal meetings in secret locations” and ordered that their bail costs be refunded. Read more

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