Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Eight Articles and a Podcast

Why the Generation Gap is Larger Now More than Ever

Many cultural changes affect generation gaps. For instance, my father’s choice of 1960s rock is quite different than my preference of 1990s rock. And we all know music style can be a contentious issue in the church. Technology, however, is often cited as the main wedge between generations in the U.S. culture. Read more

Your Church Is a Target for Criticism

Criticism isn’t new in the local church, but it has intensified and social media has made it more complex. Anyone can criticize anything with the click of a laptop key. How you handle that criticism makes all the difference. Read more

You Are Wasting Your Weekly Staff Meeting If...

Here are four signs you are wasting your weekly staff meeting.... Read more

When a Pastor Has Exceeded His Expiration Date

Of all the questions church people send my way, this may be the most difficult. Read more

Three Important Ways for Pastors to Build Trust

Here are three ways successful pastors I’ve observed have earned trust of their people.... Read more

5 Questions For Great Communication

...what distinguishes you as a communicator? Read more

The Bible Is Not an Instruction Manual

If the Bible is not essentially an instruction manual for practical application, then, what is it? If it’s not mainly about what we need to do, what is it about? If it’s not about us, who is it about? Read more

Nine Relational Evangelism Ideas That Work – Rainer on Leadership #161 [Podcast]

We hear from churches all over the country about how God is working in their churches and how they are seeing people come to new life in Christ. Read more

Pakistani Mob Sets Christian Family's Home on Fire to Burn Them Alive

A mob of radicals in the capital city of Pakistan torched the home of a Christian family and attempted to burn them alive by locking them inside before setting it on fire, a Christian aid group is reporting. Read more

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