Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Eight Articles and Two Podcasts

One Suggestion to Take Stress from the Hiring Process

If you get stressed about hiring the right person I have a suggestion which may help. I have done this with great success in hiring several staff positions for our team. Read more

Ten Signs You’re Leading in Maintenance Mode – Rainer on Leadership #162 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss a recent post on signs that you are leading or pastoring in maintenance mode. In our next episode we will discuss ways to overcome this. Read more
Also see
Ten Signs a Pastor Is Becoming a Chaplain
Moving Out of Maintenance Mode – Rainer on Leadership #163 [Podcast]

On Friday’s podcast episode, we discussed signs that you are leading or pastoring in maintenance mode. Today, we give seven ways to overcome and to break out of maintenance mode. Finally, don’t miss the discussion about the 180 Test. Read more

Four Reasons to Have a "Stop Doing" List

We don’t drift toward greater efficiency and effectiveness. An organization’s natural drift is toward complexity and a fruitless fury of activity. It takes discipline and focus to continually move to greater effectiveness. For this reason, Jim Collins has encouraged leaders to develop a “stop doing” list. Read more

Study Bibles for Our Hearts, Homes, and Churches

Study Bibles are hardly new inventions. The medieval Glossa Ordinaria on the Latin Vulgate, Martin Luther’s prefaces and marginal notes in his German translation, and the Geneva Bible testify that for centuries, people have sought to combine the text of Scripture with words of explanation or other helps for the reader. Today, many people read study Bibles at home and carry them to church. Is this good or bad? It depends on how we use them. Read more

What Pastors Wish Their Worship Leaders Knew

For two of the seminars I was assigned the topic of “What Pastors/Worship Leaders Wish Their Worship Leader/Pastor Knew.” It was a little challenging because pastors and musicians vary widely in terms of their theology and practice. But here’s my attempt to pinpoint “What Pastors Wish Their Worship Leaders Knew.” Read more

Germany: Calls for Christian and Muslim refugees to be housed separately

Violent clashes between Christian and Muslim refugees in Germany has led to calls for them to be housed separately. Read more

Pakistani army warns Christians of possible ISIS attacks

Islamic State could soon be launching a wave of attacks on Christians in Pakistan, the country's military has warned. Read more

Christian missionaries told to leave Nepal

Extremist groups in Nepal have warned Christian missionaries to leave the country, Fides reports. Read more

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