Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Roundup: Eight Articles

7 Characteristics of the Bottleneck Leader

In an organization, the bottleneck is many times the leader. When this happens, progress stalls, growth is limited and people are frustrated. Here are 7 characteristics of the bottleneck leader.... Read more

Eight Traits of Outstanding Church Staff Members

The most godly and influential staff members I have known share these eight traits. Read more

The Surrendered Pastor and Church

There continues to be a deep need for a spiritual revival in our churches today. I am often asked how we experience such a revival. My answer continues to be that until we make a decision to deal honestly with God’s questions about full allegiance to Him, there will be little or no prospect of a revival in our hearts, no stirring of the Spirit in our churches, and no awakening in our land. Read more

Five Podcasts That Model Good Storytelling

How listening to great stories helps me communicate the gospel more effectively. Read more

Eight Reasons Pastors Must Stop Saying ‘Men’ When We Mean Everyone

,br/> Church is the only place in our culture where we still use male pronouns when we’re referring to both genders. Read more

Community Matters: The Importance of Transformational Small Groups

We must cultivate a multiplying network of small groups that bind the church together. Read more

Is Discipleship About Growing or Going?

We often use the word discipleship in two different senses. We refer to our personal spiritual growth as discipleship – the process of becoming more like Jesus. But we also use the word to refer to a person or church’s ministry of making disciples. So when we talk about discipleship as a purpose of the church, to which are we referring? Both. Read more

Faith Talks: The Compassionate and Conversational Gospel

In a world that is increasingly polarized religiously, as it was in the first century, it is vital that we find ways to re-engage the gospel in our real-world daily conversations. Read more

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