Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Ten Articles and a Podcast

A Challenge of the Urban Church: Reaching Rich and Poor in the Same Church

Churches must serve their communities, and the makeup of many communities is rapidly changing. Read more

Let's De-Mythologize Church Culture

It's tempting to believe what may say about the Christian church, but discernment is important. Read more

12 Values to Help You Develop More Leaders

recently met with the Grace Hills staff to remind us all of some of the key values of a church that allows volunteers to emerge as leaders and develops great teams. These may seem a little random, but they actually flow together. Read more

Ten Signs You’re Leading in Maintenance Mode – Rainer on Leadership #162 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss a recent post on signs that you are leading or pastoring in maintenance mode. In our next episode we will discuss ways to overcome this. Read more

You May Be a Small Church Pastor and Not Even Know It

Ninety percent of pastors are small church pastors. We need to acknowledge that if we ever hope to do it well. (Take this short quiz to know for sure.) Read more

30 Things People Want From Church Services

Based upon my conversations with hundreds of fellow Sunday church attenders, the following are 30 Things People Want From Their Church Services. See if you don’t agree. Read more
This list is all about what people want to take away. It includes nothing about what they want to give.
Why We Need the New Battle for the Bible

When it comes to deciding how to follow Jesus Christ in our time, the Bible often takes a backseat even for evangelicals, who have long held a high view of Scripture. Read more

The Motive Behind Your Great Commission Mission

If the members of your congregation don’t share the Good News, who will? Read more

9Marks Journal: Multiethnic Churches - Summer/Fall 2015

The latest issue of 9Marks Journal is online. Read or download

Why the Qur'an might not be what you thought, and why it matters

On the face of it, it's a little unlikely. But not long ago, what may be the oldest copy of part of the Qur'an was discovered in the Cadbury Library at Birmingham University. Read more

The Difference Between Being Offended and Being Persecuted

There are two key mistakes American Christians tend to make when thinking about the intersection of religion and culture. The first is to have an attitude of a “majority” culture, a mindset that incorrectly conflates a civic morality with Christianity and seeks to build coalitions to “turn America back” to Christ. But there is another mistake too, and that is to have a fearful, hand-wringing siege mentality. Read more

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