Friday, October 02, 2015

Coming Soon: A New Resource for Pastors and Church Planters [Video]

We want to help pastors and church leaders on the mission of multiplication.

In Matthew 28, we see Jesus Christ’s clear vision for the church, “To go into all the world and make disciples.” This is the mission that drives us, and if you’re reading this, odds are it drives you, too. That’s why Daniel and I want to join you as you multiply the mission. While Jesus Christ, Himself, blessed this mission, the simple truth is that multiplication is complicated, and the day-to-day of church life is filled with complicated decisions, financial constraints, and the frequent anxiety of, Are we going to make it?

This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of! At, we want to help you build a strong foundation by connecting you with top experts in the field of church planting and multisite ministry, and by regularly providing you with the resources, information, and community you need to thrive. We want to help you be about the mission of multiplication.

As a result, we’ll be regularly providing you with new and dynamic blog content from Daniel and me, as well as from our community of guest pastors and authors. In addition to that, we’ll be answering any question that you might have on planting, multisite, or multiplying via our weekly podcast. Regular events and courses will be on the site as well, in order to help you grow and develop as a multiplier. Plus, if you’re planting a church and in your first two years of operation, we have over $500 worth of resources to give to you—for free. Learn more

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