Thursday, October 15, 2015

Issues in Church Leadership: Six Articles

9 Questions to Determine if You’re a Christian Leader

Many of us find ourselves in leadership positions, but we wonder sometimes if we’re really leading. And, frankly, sometimes there are folks around us who also wonder if we’re leading. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you’re really leading as a Christian leader. Read more

That Stat that Says Pastors are All Miserable and Want to Quit (Part 1)

Are pastors really leaving ministry in droves? Not so fast... Read more

How to Lead When You’re In Over Your Head

Whether you’re trying to launch something new, or you’re moving into a new and overwhelming role, or whether you’re just the young leader around a seasoned table, everyone gets overwhelmed. So…how do you lead when you’re in over your head? What follows are 5 guidelines that have helped me. Read more

Thick Skin, Tender Hearts, and Four Types of Leaders

Is it even possible for a leader to have both, to possess thick skin and a tender heart? Those two are often painted as contrary to one another, as if a leader must choose between being “thick-skinned” and “tender-hearted.” But a leader must not choose between the two. The best leaders are both. With regards to thick skin and tender hearts, here four types of leaders. Which type are you? Read more

Overcoming Pride in Ministry

Few things are more dangerous in the life of the church than prideful leaders. Some of the most difficult issues many churches encounter revolve around men who feel entitled to the office of deacon, elder, or pastor. Most of my ministry has been in church planting, and it is a truism that church plants tend to attract men who think very highly of themselves and their prerogative to lead. Read more

20 Things Great Public Speakers Should Do

In an effort to help provide leaders with the best public speaking tools, I turned to the greatest leadership book ever written – the Bible. Read more

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