Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Midweek Roundup: Nine Articles

20 Truths from Generational IQ by Haydn Shaw

Relating across generational lines can be difficult. How do people of varying ages understand each other better? Read more

The Lonely Small Church Pastor: Breaking the Cycle

The smaller the church, the more likely the pastor is doing most ministry alone. But there is hope. Read more

Why Evangelicals Should Care about Animals

As Christians we must apply our God-given right to rule creation to our daily choices. Read more

10 Characteristics of Good Leadership – an Expanded and Revised Version

Here are ten characteristics of good leadership. Read more

The Preacher and His Technology

Technology can be a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Nowhere is that more true than in the area of Christian ministry, especially for the preacher preparing sermons. Read more

What Does Your Church’s Group Name Communicate?

Assimilation is five times more effective if a person is involved in a group versus attending worship only. Read more

How to get your group to prepare for Bible study

...let’s attend to a few of the big motivators that should draw our hearts to dig into the Word together. Read more

Superficiality can’t be solved glibly or easily

You’ve reached the end of a fantastic study. The group has been engaged, asking good questions; you feel like you’re seeing a group of people keen to apply the word of God to their lives. You reach the application questions. And nothing. No one comes up with anything. Read more

What God has Joined Together, Bishop Parkes Puts Asunder

John Parkes's foray into the same-sex marriage debate has undermined his role as bishop. Bishops are meant to be a focus of unity and custodians of the gospel, not partisan commentators. Read more

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