Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Roundup: Nine Articles

A New Way to View Vitality in Smaller Congregations

I have found it helpful to describe a dynamic equilibrium for this congregation and other small to mid-sized congregations I have served, and then to hold that condition before them as a measure of vitality. Dynamic equilibrium suggests that the congregation is a complex organism with staying power, but an organism with certain key indicators of health or decline. Read more

Putting the mini in ministry

Small things we can all do to make a big difference in our churches. Read more

Are There Degrees of Sin?

Historically speaking, both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism have understood that there are degrees of sin. Read more

Saved to Be Fruitful

John 15:2 sets forth a major emphasis on the relationship of the believer to Christ. Jesus’ exhortation throughout this portion of His discourse is that, as Christians, as His disciples, we are to be fruitful. That is, we are to be productive. Read more

4 Meeting Purposes That Increase Production

After ten years of pastoring, I am starting to learn the importance of having clear expectations and aims for meetings. I have found four clear purposes for a meeting: Evaluation, Clarity, Alignment, and Accountability. Read more

The Essential Art of Forgiveness in Ministry

How do you forgive when you’ve been so deeply wounded? Read more

Six Reasons Church Leaders Should Use Periscope

I have already seen Periscope used in some innovative and transformational ways by church leaders. Let me share with you why church leaders should utilize this tool. Read more

Pope says Church needs more decentralisation, changes to papacy

Pope Francis called on Saturday for "healthy decentralisation" of power in the Roman Catholic Church, including changes in the papacy and greater decision-making authority for local bishops. Read more

ISIS calls on followers worldwide to wage jihad against Russians and Americans

The Islamic State jihadist group is reportedly urging Muslim youths everywhere to wage a holy war against Russians and Americans over their crusaders' war in the Middle East. Read more

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