Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Lagniappe: Eleven Articles and One Video

If you don't have to go to church to be a Christian, why bother?

I sometimes think we need to step back and think really hard about why we do what we do. Somewhere along the line, a lot of churches - particularly evangelical churches - have performed a sort of quantum leap into a parallel universe: people support meetings, instead of meetings supporting people. Read more

Exploring Evangelicalism: The Presbyterian Church in America

Dr. Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church and former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary shares about the Presbyterian Church in America. Read more

Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today

There are hundreds of young people today who are sitting in pews, pursuing their theological education or serving in entry level ministry positions. And in the years to come these young leaders will feel compelled to plant churches, lead non-profits or live on mission in the marketplace. They’ll feel a pull inside their spirit they cannot ignore and over time begin to take steps of faith to lead at higher levels. Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen but one thing I can tell you for sure: their chance of effectiveness will be greatly increased if today’s leaders start investing in them today. What can you do today to champion these young leaders today? Read more

So Many Wrong Reasons to Become a Pastor

Do you want to be a pastor? Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Because the bad reasons outweigh the good ones. By a lot. Read more

No, you probably aren’t called to be a pastor

It seems like every new believer—particularly the younger men—have a moment in those first couple of years of their faith where they ask, “Am I called to be a pastor?” I had that question rattling around in my head for several years. It was one that Emily and I spent a great deal of time alternately avoiding and praying about. And avoiding again. And praying about again. And so on. Read more

10 Pointers for Planning Preaching Series

Earlier this year we looked at 10 pointers for planning a preaching calendar. Let’s zero in and think about planning a series. Read more

Notecard Answers for Why I Believe the Bible

I’ve put these 5 together as something of a quick reference notecard for why I believe the Bible. I’m sure there is an acronym or something clever but I’ve not thought of it. Read more

Five Trends in Church Worship Services [Video]

On this week’s episode of Church Answers Live, I discussed five trends in church worship services and answered a few viewer questions on the subject. These range from guest info cards to sermon length to when to do the offertory. Don’t forget to join us every Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern for Church Answers Live. Watch now

Four Spiritual Benefits of Digital Giving

Though digital giving methods are clearly practical, do they have a spiritual quality to them? In short, yes. Let me give you four spiritual benefits of digital giving. Read more

Could we really re-evangelise the country by shutting down most churches?

... the Archbishop and his team have not been short of advice on what he should do next to shore up the creaky foundations of the Church. The latest came from Rev Dr Giles Fraser in the Guardian. Dr Fraser is from the liberal wing of the church. Read more

Churches' fight against gay marriage gains momentum

n the echo of church bells after Sunday service, over tea in living rooms adorned with the cross, and in the quiet, carpeted offices of the devout, whispers of a looming moral apocalypse are gaining strength. In the past few weeks, Christian leaders have decided to voice those fears from the pulpit in an attempt to reframe the public debate around same-sex marriage in Australia. Read more

Scientists claim they can reduce belief in God using magnetic force

Scientists have claimed that they are able reduce belief in God by directing magnetic force into the brain, the Telegraph reports. Read more

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