Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Nine Articles

Helping Churches Rediscover Their Mission

The mission discovery process for your church begins in the life of the church’s leadership. Until leaders have a passion for what God wants to do through them in their community, rarely will leaders transform their church. It starts with leaders who are being missional. Read more

3 Ways 'Mystery Guests' Can Improve Your Church

Since mystery guests attend the church anonymously and submit their thoughts to us — not you — they’re not afraid to tell the truth because they have no affiliation with your church (or any other church for that matter). These are the kind of people that represent who you are trying to reach, so their thoughts and opinions are going to be the most valuable in helping your church improve the way you welcome guests into your church. Read more

7 Ways to Maintain Respect as a Leader

As a leader, one of your most valuable and needed assets is the respect of the people you are trying to lead. If a leader is respected, people will follow him or her almost anywhere. If a leader loses respect it becomes very difficult to regain respect. Read more

5 “C” Suggestions for Developing Trust as a Leader

If any leader wants to be successful, much will be determined by the level of trust he or she can attain. One goal of every leader, therefore, should be trust development. Read more

The Most Misunderstood Role in Ministry: The Executive Pastor

After decades working with churches around the world, I’ve discovered that one of the most difficult challenges pastors face is finding the right “Executive Pastor.” In a significant number of cases, local pastors don’t really understand the role. Read more

Telling Stories and Asking Questions: What Jesus Teaches Us About Preaching

God designed us to communicate in certain ways. Questions and stories are those ways. Read more

10 Ways to Improve Announcements in Your Church

As a pastor, I always struggled with the best way to do announcements. Whatever we did, it never felt right. Over the years, I’ve noted what other churches have done – and I’d do announcements differently than I ever did back then. Here are some suggestions for doing announcements well.... Read more

Flourishing in the Margins

Many Christians are lamenting a recent loss of cultural power, but Christian minorities have been marginalized from the beginning. Read more

Study: Nonreligious Americans see evidence of creator

Life didn't just happen, most Americans say -- and a surprising number of nonreligious people agree, a newly released study says. Read more

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