Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Six Articles

Nominal Christianity Will Fail You When Suffering Hits

This excerpt is adapted from Gospel Shaped Living, the third installment in the Gospel-Shaped Church curriculum co-published by TGC and The Good Book Company. Written by Vermon Pierre, TGC Council member and pastor of Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, Gospel Shaped Living will debut this weekend at the 2015 TGC Ontario Regional Chapter conference. Read more

How to Defuse the Accusation of Intolerance

What if someone who’s hostile to Christianity asks for your opinion on a controversial topic? Read more

Three Ways To Increase Staff Meeting Effectiveness

Here are three thoughts for making staff meetings work better for your team.... Read more

A Sample Statement on Regular Church Attendance: 7 Reasons Why Faithfully Showing Up Matters

The following is a statement from the elders at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Recently, they began releasing “Shepherd Studies” to help their congregation think well about important biblical topics that affect the life of their church. This first statement was crafted to help set an expectation of what it means to regularly attend the weekly worship service. This is not a binding document, but rather a study that seeks to help their church understand how they intend to live together. Read more

Six Church-Insider Issues I Don't Care About Any More

I used to waste a lot of time arguing over these issues. Now? Meh. On some things, apathy is the best policy. Read more

I'm (not) falling on my knees: the worship song actions everyone ignores

There's an unspoken tradition, particularly within evangelical circles, of failing to practice what we preach, or rather, sing: we don't do the actions in grown-up worship songs. Read more

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