Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday Roundup:Ten Articles

The Silent War of the Church

Consider this thought: a strategic method of Satan in America is to engage in a "silent war," one that is so subtle that the church can easily forget its true nature and the identity of their true enemy. In other words, one way in which the evil one persecutes the church in American is by not persecuting the church in America! Read more

10 Inexpensive Ways to Develop People on Your Team

When budgets are stretched, development often is pushed to the back burner or cut altogether from the budget. This is dangerous for a team, which wishes to remain healthy and continue growing. If a team is not learning and improving, it will soon struggle to maintain any level of success. It’s important, therefore, to find ways to develop even with stressed budgets. Read more

Teachable Teachers

Becoming a teacher does not mean that one has “arrived” in terms of knowledge; the best teachers understand where they are lacking and seek to be taught so that they will increase in wisdom and learning. Read more

The Perspicuity of Scripture

...not everything in Scripture is easy to understand, but what we must understand in order to be saved is clear. Read more

6 Ways to Embrace the Benefits of Christian Community

In one of the chapters of True Worshipers, Bob writes about the importance of gathering together to worship in community as the body of Christ. However, to participate in the community of faith, you really have to embrace it, which might cost you something or force you to change. Read more

Two Ways to Sing to God

Psalm 81:1 commands us to “sing for joy.” How does this command play itself out practically in our worlds, particularly when we feel joyless? I want to propose that to fully embrace this command, we must learn two sing in two ways: from affection and for affection. Read more

3 Ways to Incorporate Group Prayer into Your Bible Study

Acts 2:42 describes the early church’s commitment to Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. How can our groups model this approach without spending all our time on one or the other? Read more

Coping with a Rapidly Changing Culture

The situation of the believer presents at least three unique challenges. Read more

Study addresses pastors' views on animal welfare

Protestant pastors overwhelmingly agree humanity has a God-given duty to care for animals, a new study shows. They just don't mention it much from the pulpit. Read more

Heavy metal music draws unchurched in Finland

In Finland, where heavy metal is mainstream, a movement melding the lyrics of traditional hymns with the snarl of hard rocking ‘Metal Mass’ is drawing sinners through churches’ doors. Read more

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