Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Nine Articles and One Podcast

The Spiritual Significance of Smell

Our sense of smell is powerful because it points to a spiritual reality, and that reality points both backward and forward. Read more

How to Increase the Number of Volunteers in Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #169 [Podcast]

Volunteers are crucial to many ministries in the church. Without volunteers, many ministries would simply not function. So what do you do to get more volunteers in the church? We cover that and more in this episode. Read more

10 Principles of God Leadership

How would we lead if we led as God inspired us to lead? What does godly leadership look like? Read more

Language, Literature, and Culture Formation

A strong culture has a fervently held ideology, and a strong culture intentionally teaches people their beliefs and values. The two are clearly related. If a group of people really believes something, they cannot help but teach their beliefs to others. Read more

Choosing the Right Seminary

Here are seven questions to ask before choosing a seminary. Read more

Hating Family

The strong language of hate is what causes many readers to stumble over Jesus’ words in Luke 24:26.... Read more

The Right Culture for Community

The church needs to make getting small a priority. Church-health proponents are reminding pastors that the bigger the church gets, the smaller it has to get. Read more

Circles of Relationships

We often spend time in the wrong relationships. Read more

Halloween draws focus of new study

When it comes to Halloween, most Americans don't have a problem celebrating the spooky holiday, a new study shows. Yet, one-third say they avoid Halloween or its pagan elements. Read more

Another evangelical church demolished in Muslim-majority Sudan

There are growing fears for Christians in Sudan after another church was destroyed. Read more

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