Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Fifteen Articles and One Podcast

Transitioning a Senior Adult Church to One Who Reaches all Generations – Rainer on Leadership #168 [Blogcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss a recent post on senior adult churches who are wanting to reach a younger generation and the consequences of not being willing to change to do so. Read more

If the Bible Rarely Talks about It, Does That Mean It’s Not Important?

In my theology classes, we often find ourselves wrestling with questions about which the Bible has relatively little to say. And students always wonder if that means these issues aren’t that important. If the Bible doesn’t have much to say about it, should we? Read more

Sovereign Grace in the Wilderness

Unhindered by man and unrestricted by Satan, the sovereign grace of God irresistibly overcomes every obstacle to the salvation of His chosen ones. The conditions in the lives of the elect do not have to be just right in order for God to bring them to Himself. Read more

Reformation Sunday

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has free Reformation Sunday materials available for you. Learn more

How Thorough Is Your Reference Check?

Check if these six key pieces are on your forms. Read more

7 Things You Must Do TO and FOR Your Small Group Leaders

Whatever you want to happen in the lives of the members of your small groups must happen in the lives of your leaders first. Read more

Are Smartphones Making Christianity Too Convenient?

Jesus is taking up too much space on my phone. Read more

Let's Rediscover Discipleship

I recently had the opportunity to write the foreword for Robby Gallaty's newest book on discipleship. Read more

How to Recognize Spiritually Receptive People In Your Community

Pastor, you’re surrounded by dirt. To be more precise, you’re surrounded by soil – all kinds of soil. In your community, you have people who are ready to respond to the Gospel and people who aren’t. Your job is to isolate the good soil and plant your seed there. Read more

Why Evangelism Should Focus On Receptive People

It’s a waste of time to fish in a spot where fish aren’t biting. Wise fishermen move on. They know that fish eat at different times of the day in different places. To apply this to ministry, you need to focus on the most receptive people in your area. Read more

Selective Evangelism

If your church could reach more people for Christ by focusing on one “people group” in your community, would you do so? Read more

How to Use Block Parties to Reach New People

Our church conducts a lot of Block Parties. So many we decided to get our own Block Party Trailer. Recently I was asked if Block Parties are effective or just something else to add to a long list of things that keep Christians busy, but not bearing fruit. Here’s a few reasons why I think Block Parties are a great tool in the outreach strategy of a missional church.... Read more

Pew: Churchgoers Least Likely to See Science and Religion in Conflict

Survey finds 'surprising number of topics' where faith does not influence views on science. Read more

Islam is 'dangerous', say over half of US protestant pastors

Islam is polarising opinions among American pastors; most evangelicals see it as a violent and dangerous faith, while the majority of mainline pastors associate it with peace, love and compassion according to LifeWay Research. Read more

Study: Pastors grow more polarized on Islam

Protestant pastors are increasingly polarized about Islam, with a growing share labeling the Muslim faith violent while a sharply rising minority calls it spiritually good, a new study shows. Read more

Churches burgled in Germany to fund Islamic State terror

Churches and schools in Germany were burgled by a gang of robbers to fund Islamic State terrorists, a court has heard. Read more

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