Friday, October 09, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Twelve Articles

Stop “Making Disciples:” 10 Ways Church Mission Statements Backfire

The idea of mission is simple: Do you and those who you lead know what you are ultimately supposed to be doing? While most pastors think they are clear on mission, most church attenders are not. And in some ways, how we use the default language of “making disciples” is to blame, even though these words represent a very important biblical passage. Read more

The Nine Forms of Generic Church Vision that Stifle Practically Every Church

Most pastors are visionaries. But to fully realize the vision of a church, a pastor needs more than a generic sense of the future. Read more

Can the Devil Read My Mind?

The tendency is for Christians to think that since God is a supernatural being and can read our minds, then Satan, also a supernatural being, must be able to read minds, too. But Satan’s powers are not equal to God’s. Read more

The Missing Conviction of Developing Leaders

Often our churches don’t raise up leaders because we lack conviction. Granted, it’s probably much more than that, but it is certainly not less. Based on the lack of leadership development in many churches it is clear that many church leaders lack a real conviction for developing leaders. Read more

A Leader’s Greatest Temptation

Leaders are tempted by power, and its misuse. Pride and ego are great temptations for a leader, and they each manifest themselves in a variety of destructive ways. Sexual temptation brings down dozens of successful leaders in the kingdom of God, whether we find out about it in the news or not. However, none of these are the most common or most destructive of the temptations leaders in the kingdom of God face. Read more

Leaders Should Write It Down

Young leaders consistently ask me: "what's one practical piece of advice for becoming/being a leader who gets things done?" A leader that is trustworthy and reliable. The kind of leader when you ask them to get something done, you have complete confidence that it will happen. My answer is always the same: Write It Down. Always. What do I mean? Read more

8 Common Guest Speaker Mistakes

I have observed in myself and others some common mistakes that guest speakers make. I shared these with Dr. Thom Rainer on a recent road trip, and he added some helpful input for good measure…and for fun. I’m curious what you think and hope you will jump into our discussion. Read more

The Evangelistic Power of Worship As a Witness

Rick Warren reflects on the connection between worship and evangelism. Read more

3 BIG Reasons People Leave Your Church

Why do you think people leave your church? Read more

New Issue -- October 2015

The latest issue of The Australian Church Record, number 1915, October 2015, has been released. Download the entire issue

9 Things You Should Know About Global Hunger

This weekend many churches will observe Global Hunger Sunday, and next week (October 16) is World Food Day, a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year‐around action to alleviate hunger. Here are nine things you need to know about one of the world’s most persistent, but solvable, global problems. Read more

China: further crackdowns feared as President Xi gets 'serious' about religion

State control of faith groups in China is to be tightened even further, a Chinese priest has warned, following the assertion in a national newspaper that President Xi Jinping is "serious" about religion. Read more

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