Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Six Articles and One Podcast

Is the Reformation Over?

We are faced with a host of people who are defined as Protestants but who have evidently forgotten altogether what it is they are protesting. Read more

Why Churches Are Stuck in the Past – Rainer on Leadership [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss a recent post on churches who are stuck in the 80’s. We also chased a rabbit and ended up discussing a few sitcoms. Read more

Want to Grow? Things Will Have to Change

Growth and forward momentum are created by significant catalytic changes. Read more

3 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Church

When it comes to leading your church well, however, it is important that the pastors and church leaders work hard to build up trust in the church. Read more

The Main Reason Pastors Count People Is Not as Noble (or Sinister) as You Think

Pastoral ministry has plenty of challenges with very few immediate rewards. But seeking affirmation through numbers is a dangerous game. Read more

5 Ways to Deepen Your Preaching

If you are a fellow preacher, trying to climb this vast and steep mountain alongside me, I hope these five reflections about what I'm learning might be helpful to you. Read more

How to listen to a sermon

I admit it. I'm not a good listener. I'm so accustomed to preaching most Sundays that I struggle listening to others (and my wife will undoubtedly affirm that). So, I'm a bit hesitant to talk about how to listen to a sermon, except that I'm really talking to myself as much I am to you, the reader. So, you're welcome to eavesdrop on these suggestion.... Read more

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