Saturday, November 14, 2015

3 Questions Every Organization Must Answer

Win With Simplicity and Clarity

When dealing with large groups of people, simplicity and clarity win. Why did Apple’s iPod succeed? They were not the first to introduce an MP3 player. Many MP3 players were already available. In fact, Apple appeared to enter this market late. Yet, when they did introduce the iPod, it dominated the market. Did it have more features, more buttons? Was it easily compatible with numerous music providers?

No. The iPod had fewer features, fewer buttons, and was meant to connect with one music provider. It was simple and clear. It was easy to understand. And for this reason, the iPod was a tremendous success.

The same is true for organizations. Simplicity and clarity win. Alignment of divisions, employees and their respective decision-making is made easy when an organization’s reasons for existence, goals, and strategies are easy to understand.

So where does an organization start when trying to be simple and clear? Here are three questions every organization must answer.... Read more

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