Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday Roundup: Eight Articles

Your Church Is Big Enough

No matter what size your church is, you can do everything Jesus is calling you to do. And you can do it well. Read more

What Does Paul Mean by ‘Baptism for the Dead’?

The phrase “baptism for the dead” is so obscure and perplexing, the meaning so uncertain, and the variety of interpretations so numerous that it seems wise to say it seems impossible to know what the phrase means. Given the difficulties, some wonder why we should even bother to investigate. But baptism for the dead matters, both because Mormons place extraordinary importance on it, and also because Paul uses it to defend the coming resurrection of believers. Read more

5 Suggestions of How to Add Good Structure to an Organization

How do you add good, helpful structure? Read more

Three Ways Lateral Leadership Develops (and Proves) Your Leadership

In my opinion, lateral leadership is the least discussed leadership direction. Read more

7 Effective Ways to Battle Discouragement In Leadership

How do you overcome discouragement in leadership? Here are 7 things that have helped me. Read more

What Is the Missional Church (Part 4)?—Shaped By God and His Mission

Mission and missions must work together. We mustn't have one without the other. Read more

How Do Americans See Sacred Texts? New Data From LifeWay Research

Americans see the Christian Bible and the Muslim Quran in very different ways.Read more

'Muslims are just sick of Islam': More refugees in Iraq embracing Jesus Christ

More and more Muslim refugees in UN camps in Iraq are embracing Jesus Christ and expressing repugnance of their former religion, Christian Aid Mission workers have disclosed. Read more

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