Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Roundup: Eight Articles

Four General Principles on How People Change

How do people change? While many technical aspects and individual practices could be outlined (along with the Holy Spirit’s power), I want to give some general principles for us to remember. Read more

Is God’s Hand On My Ministry?

How do you know whether the hand of God is on your life and ministry? Ezekiel often stated, “The hand of the Lord was upon me” – so I looked and found a few answers in his book. Here are four occasions where we can see whether God’s hand is on us or not. Read more

Six Reasons Why Longer-tenured Pastorates Are Better

he more research I do and the more I hear from pastors, the more I am convinced. As a rule, longer-tenured pastorates are better. Let me share six of the main reasons. Read more

Five Ways Leaders Can Get “Fresh Eyes”

So how can a leader minimize the inevitable downside of tenure? Here are five ways to get fresh eyes on the organization/ministry you are leading. Read more

Eight Warning Signs for Forced Terminations of Pastors

A few years ago, Christianity Today summarized some fascinating information about forced pastor terminations. Using the combined research of the National Congregations Study and the Review of Religious Research, the magazine noted eight warning signs or predictors for forced terminations. Keep in mind that this research does not tell the why of terminations; rather it deals with certain categories where pastors are more likely to lose their jobs. Read more

What is the Missional Church? (Part 6)—Having Beautiful Feet

Feet that carry the gospel are beautiful no matter how ugly they may be otherwise. Read more

Image of God (6) – Image of God in discussion with Islam

A common mistake Christians make when talking to Muslims about the divinity of Jesus is to start at Jesus. We assume that Christians and Muslims agree about God and humanity, and only differ when it comes to Christ, and so we argue about him (diagram 1). These conversations tend to go round and round. Read more

Ugandan girl severely beaten for converting from Islam to Christianity

A young Christian convert was severely beaten by her Muslim father after leaving Islam to follow Christ, according to the Morning Star. Read more

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