Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday Roundup: Nine Articles

Why Denominational Identity Still Matters

Have denominations gone the way of the buffalo? Does denominational identity matter anymore? Read more

Two Responses for Those Fearful their Church Will Get Too Big

Here are two responses to give those fearful the church will get “too big” to help them think differently. Read more

Five Problems with Church Programs

Writing this post may be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I am the president of the world’s largest Christian resource company, and I’m talking about the problems with church programs.I must be out of my mind. Read more

5 Stubborn Leadership Myths You Should Abandon Immediately

Here are 5 that I hate to admit I have fallen for at one time or another in my leadership. Read more

Four Ways to Be a Less Bossy Boss

Few leaders want to be known as being a “bossy boss,” and even fewer people want to work for one. So here are four ways to be sure you are leading, not just bossing. Read more

Putting the Commune in Communion

Can we talk about Communion for a second? Now I’m sure that nothing quite excites you like talking about that X’s and O’s of the Lord’s Supper, but bear with me, because I think some of us have lost sight of the why, and it’s impacting the how. Why you do something matters; it drives the how, and if the why is lost, then Communion becomes an empty Sunday ritual; and nobody wants that. Read more

Teens Spend 9 Hours a Day Doing What?

Parents and youth pastors have their work cut out for them. According to a national report, teens spend just under nine hours per day consuming entertainment media, a category the study uses to include anything from reading a book to playing Xbox to updating Instagram. Read more

Six facts about atheism in the US

...Pew has put together a number of facts about atheism in the US. Here's what they've found.... Read more

We will not yield on same-sex couples and baptism says Mormon church

The Mormon church has published a rare interview with one of its "Twelve Apostles" justifying the decision to exclude the children of same-sex marriages from baptism. Read more

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