Thursday, November 05, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Fifteen Articles

Optimism in the Face of My Pessimism

Seven biblical qualities that can nurture hope in today's church. Read more

5 Ways to Confront Spiritual Dehydration

Spiritual dehydration can creep into our lives in many ways, but learning to combat this infection can be the difference between a healthy soul and a broken one. Read more

Eight simple ways to make your church more accessible

As Christians, we know that church should be a place where everyone is made to feel welcome. We read in the Bible that Jesus invites all to come to his banquet: young, old, sick, those with a disability, broken hearted… and so, our church doors need to be fully open – not simply places for ‘easy to manage’ people. But are we doing enough to ensure people of all abilities feel at home in our churches? Read more

Three Ways The Church Can Better Serve Special Needs Families

An accessible, caring church is a church that reflects the love of Jesus. Read more

16 Tips for Writing Charitable Contribution Statements

The “how” of sending contribution statements can make all the difference. Read more

10 Ways to Create Unhealthy Schism Over The Extent of The Atonement

Perhaps due to an unfortunate label, limited atonement can be hard to swallow. Read more

Ten Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

Some bosses are leaders, but not all of them. It is possible to be a boss and not be a leader, or be a leader without being a boss. Someone may be in positional authority but not have influence, respect, or the ability to lead. And many people are able to lead and influence others without being in an official “leadership position.” Here are ten differences between a boss (someone who is only a boss) and a leader (who may also be a boss). Read more

Some Perspective on Millennials Serving in Ministry

What are we ought to think about Millennials as future leaders of the ministry? Read more

Duties of the Minister of the Gospel

As a minster of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I do well to remember simple and essential truths from Scripture regarding my duties. I know myself and my tendency to veer off course, to pursue hobby-horses, and to do what’s comfortable and to neglect what’s difficult. But to remember God’s glorious, gracious, wise and clear precepts for me to follow as a pastor benefits me and the flock that God has called me to shepherd. Furthermore, it glorifies God for me to remember my God-given duties and my blessed responsibilities as a minister of the gospel. In this essay, I’ll list 5 of them. Read more

Churches, know your young people by name

It is a wonderful thing to be known by name. Most of us will know that experience of surprise and gratitude that comes when our name is recalled, especially by someone that we might look up to. One of the keys about those who welcome others to church is the remembering of names week by week. A simple greeting by name and a ‘how are you going?’ is easy for everyone and can go a long way in signalling to a young person that they are where they ‘belong’. Read more

11 Ways to Strengthen Your Church’s Children’s Ministry

More than one person has said, “Our students and children are the future of the church.” That statement is true, but it’s also insufficient. Children and students are part of the church now, and we’ll lose them if we don’t minister well to them today. Here are eleven ways to strengthen your children’s ministry.... Read more

6 Steps to Building a Leader Development Process (that Meets Your Congregation’s Needs and Expectations)

...I’d like to give you some key steps to building (or proposing) a leader development process that fits your congregation’s needs and expectations. Read more

Seven Discoveries to Define and Ignite Passion for Missions

As we prepare for a new missions course at GFC, I wanted to learn how John Piper and the elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church laboured to create a vision and passion for missions in their local church. Here are seven discoveries and truths they have learned and taught. Read more

Most Christians in America Now Support Homosexuality?

A comprehensive study released by the Pew Research Center analyzing various questions surrounding Americans' relationship with religion has found that adults continue to overwhelmingly believe in God, but that support is declining. The poll also found that a majority American Christians now support homosexuality, but less so on abortion. Read more
Ed Stetzer's warning against misleading research may be applicable in the case of this survey's results. Note how the survey phrases the question about homosexuals.
Church of Norway Votes in Favor of Gay Marriage

The General Synod of the Church of Norway, the largest Christian denomination in the Scandinavian country, has voted in favor of accepting same-sex marriage, and will be offering the service to gay couples in the future. Read more

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