Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Seven Articles

The Fruits of the Spirit

When we look at a tree and see bad fruit, we conclude it is a bad tree (Matt. 7:17-20). When we look at the same tree and it has good fruit, new fruit, we conclude the tree has changed. There’s not just new fruit but a new tree. This is what God does for His people in regeneration. He doesn't just change the fruit; He changes the tree. Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

As Francis Schaeffer used to remind us, the devil rarely gives us the luxury of fighting on one front only. We see a monster in front of us wanting to devour us, and we back away in dread. But if we’re not careful, we might walk into the jaws of another monster right behind us. We usually fight on two fronts at once. Read more

The Sin Of Gratitude

What follows is a manuscript of my Thanksgiving Eve mini-sermon from Luke 18:9-14. Read more

5 Reasons Grateful Leaders Make the Best Leaders

Ever notice the leaders you’re most attracted to tend to be the most grateful? At least that’s true for me. Grateful leaders make the best leaders. And yet being in leadership can make you ungrateful...quickly. Read more

5 Reasons We Should Sing Passionately and Loudly in Church by Keith Getty

Each week, upwards of 100 million people in America make it a point to attend church, listen responsively to the sermons, and pray sincerely. But when it comes time to sing the hymns, the level of engagement drops hugely and seems to be continuing in its decline, quite dramatically. Read more

5 Ways Your Church Mission Loses Power

The mission of the church is powerful. It guided the everyday ministry of Jesus on planet earth. It guides Jesus as he build his church today, through us. It’s recorded variously in all of the gospels but most commonly referenced in Matthew chapter 28.... Read more

Study: Thankfulness still priority at Thanksgiving

For Americans, Thanksgiving is about faith and family, and not much else, a new study shows. Read more

Thanksgiving: A healthy heart

Don't you love it when science and medicine catch up with the Bible? Read more

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