Friday, November 13, 2015

To Close or Revitalize: That Is the Question—7 Steps to Know

How can you know if it's time for you to revitalize your church or write its eulogy?

A reality that we face today is how to know when a local church is a good candidate for revitalization or for closing. In determining best practices for a church to carry out its mission, leaders must answer the following question: will more people be reached for Christ by keeping this church open and leading it through a revitalization process or by closing it and investing those resources in another ministry that is bearing Kingdom fruit?

Seeking objectivity for this discussion, I conducted several months of research to discover what criteria would help church leaders make this decision in a Godly and objective manner. It is important to note that all of this presupposes seeking the Lord, praying for the leading of the Holy Spirit, and submitting personal agendas to the Lord for His greater Kingdom purposes. Read more

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