Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Twelve Articles and Two Podcasts

Why Pastors Are Afraid of Revitalization – Rainer on Leadership #171 [Podcast]

While church planting is garnering much attention (deservedly so), church revitalization is becoming more and more important throughout North America. Read more

10 Things Pastors and Church Leaders Should Know About Handling Change

Regardless of what anyone says, no one likes change but a baby. But successful leaders know change is not only a constant reality, it is necessary for continued success. Read more

A Church Transforming Proverb

If there’s one thing that would transform our churches, it’s the application of the simple principle in these two proverbs.... Read more

Bearing Burdens

There are two practical lessons here for us as Christians. Read more

Three Warning Signs Your Life Is Drifting from Your Vision

What are some warning signs that your life is drifting from the vision you are articulating? Read more

Sue Miller on the Key to Attracting and Engaging Amazing Volunteers [Podcast]

Why do some leaders attract and keep amazing volunteers while others don’t? Read more

Leadership Advice: Be Careful Making Decisions from an Ivory Tower

I have some advice for ministry leaders — really all leaders. Read more

The Essential Marks of a Preacher

How might one know if God is calling him to the ministry? There are four essential marks. Read more

The Vital Moment in Every Preacher's Week

...one of the most important decisions that the preacher will make each week will come on Sunday night before he goes to sleep. Read more

Religion helps protect teens against alcoholism and addiction

A religious childhood can offer teens protection against becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, a new study shows. Read more

Fewer Americans now 'certain' that God exists

The number of Americans who are "asolutely certain" God exists has dropped sharply in under a decade, from seven in ten to just over six in ten, a new study has found. Read more

Talking about Christianity could just put people off – Church of England signals

Stark study presented to ruling General Synod shows 40 per cent of adults unsure if Jesus even existed. Read more

Pakistan court orders blasphemy law reform

The effectiveness of a Supreme Court of Pakistan ruling that blasphemy laws be reformed to discourage false allegations hinges on the government's response to the order, a leader of the International Christian Concern watchdog group told Baptist Press. Read more

Christian woman murdered for sharing her faith in Uganda

A Christian woman has been beaten to death in Uganda by a mob of Muslims because she and her family had not heeded their warning to stop preaching the gospel. Her brother-in-law was killed last month for the same reason. Read more

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