Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Roundup: Six Articles

How Can Jesus Be Our Everlasting Father?

Of all the names attributed to Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, Everlasting Father intrigues me the most because it’s the one I understand the least. How can Jesus the Messiah, the second person of the Godhead, be called Everlasting Father? Read More

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

I can’t think of anything more pleasing to Christ than the church celebrating His birthday every year. Read More

The Quest for the Historical Santa

This article is the result of years of study on the life, legacy, and legends of Nicholas of Myra. It will help each of us answer the primeval question that has haunted most Christian boys and girls from an early age: “Is there a real Santa Claus?” Read More

The Hope of Christmas Eve for Hurting Church Leaders

It’s Christmas Eve – a time for families to come together, for congregations to gather, for people all over the world to wait in anticipation to celebrate the birth of Jesus tomorrow. Read More

Noisy Electronic Toys May Hamper Babies' Verbal Skills

As parents scramble to find the perfect gifts for their children this Christmas, new research suggests that electronic toys that light up, talk or play music might slow language development in toddlers. Read More

Three Ways to Witness to Family over the Holidays

Many of us will be gathering with family during the next few weeks and some of us feel pressure to “make the most” of these times. Specifically, some feel the need to “make sure to get the gospel in” to our conversations. It’s worth pausing and thinking through some possible strategies for these crucial reunions. Read More

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