Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Know if You Are Called

What does it mean to be “called”? Roll the question over in your mind; perhaps there’s more to it than what you see. “Called” is not a trifling word. At the very least, it implies a caller. And as Sinclair Ferguson has noted, “called” is one of the New Testament’s most frequent one-word descriptions of the Christian. When God repeats himself, men should listen up.

Perhaps you think of a call as a quest to which a man dedicates his life—guys like William Wilberforce or Martin Luther King. Maybe “calling” brings to mind your pastor or a missionary your church supports, who often speak of feeling called. For some, a man’s calling is just another way to talk about his work; “calling” means my job or career.

It might surprise you, but in Scripture the idea of calling is not initially a career path we pick, a cause we choose, or a code we use for unlocking God’s will. Biblical calling is, first of all, something done for us. It is God’s summons to the Savior, and to his service. Read more

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