Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Roundup: Six Articles

Do Guns Belong in the Church?

Should churches be equipped with guns to deter or kill potential evil doers? Should church security personnel openly display their weapons–or conceal them? Should parishioners be encouraged–or discouraged–from bringing concealed guns to church functions? Read More

Christian Conflict: Five Ways to Fight It

I wish I never had to deal with conflict. I am a card-carrying conflict avoider. Whatever the reason (character, context, sin, etc). I would rather run away from conflict than take it head on. It wasn’t until I began my training as a counselor at nearly thirty-years-old that someone explained conflict didn’t always have to do damage. In fact, it was possible to have conflict with a person and to feel closer to them in the wake of it. Read More

10 Things I’ve Learned About Gossip – And Why I Hate It So Much

Gossip is destructive and has no part in our lives or in the church. I’ve counseled with families caught in drama after the loss of a loved one and gossip is fueling their division. I have witnessed gossip destroy a healthy work environment. And, I have worked with so many churches where gossip – drama – is a leading cause of why the church isn’t healthy – isn’t growing – isn’t accomplishing all God has for the church. Read More

6 High-Yield New Year’s Resolutions Every Leader Should Make

If you’re like many leaders, you’re busy making resolutions this week. I think that’s a great idea.... You will have some resolutions that are specific and personal to you—which is great. But there are some goals that every leader could benefit from accomplishing. Read More

Modes of Mission: A Missional People

In the first of a series on posts on modes of mission, we look at how Peter modeled mission. Read More

Lordship Is Not Legalism

What does countercultural Christianity look like in America today? Read More

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