Friday, December 25, 2015

Peter Toon: The Roman and the Anglican Way Contrasted

Liturgy expressing doctrine, but, which doctrine?

Consider this sentence which was in an e-mail communication to me recently:

After Vatican II, Rome managed to revise its liturgies without altering its beliefs, whereas our Anglican folks have used liturgical revision as a subterfuge in order to change our church's beliefs.

Here I believe is truth, not the whole truth, but truth. Read More

Anglican Identity: Keeping the Global Family Together is online in HTML format at New Scriptorium.
The Episcopal Church is not the only denomination to introduce new doctrine and new practices under the guise of liturgical revision--doctrine and practices that are not consistent with the teaching of the Bible and the doctrinal and worship principles of the historic Anglican formularies. Two more recent examples are the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America.

The photo shows the anointing of a new priest's hands--a practice that the Anglican Reformers discontinued in the sixteen century due to its strong association with the unbiblical Medieval Catholic doctrines of Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of Mass and which the ACNA revives in its ordinal.

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