Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Lagniappe: Seven Articles and Two Videos

Los Angeles Churches Make Worship...Hip?

While Christianity is on a decline in the United States, at Mosaic and other churches like it in the Los Angeles area, the religion is thriving. Read more

15 Ways to Leadership Fail

t’s ultimately up to you to lead well. It’s your responsibility to be the best leader you can be. We see lists all the time of what makes a great leader, but what’s the other side of the equation? In what ways is your leadership dysfunctional? What stands out as areas to improve? What’s killing your leadership momentum? Check out these key indicators, then prepare to reimagine, re-engage and recommit. Read more

5 Steps to a Great Last-Minute Christmas Sermon Idea

f you're scrambling to find a fresh idea from the Christmas story for Sunday and Christmas Eve, these steps might help. Read more

Digital Discipleship Best Practices and 3 Dangers to Avoid

"rue community requires feet and faces and not just electrons and avatars. But those electrons and avatars can be tools to bring people into closer community with feet and faces." Read more

Star Wars & Christians: Old, new analysis awaken

he latest Star Wars movie has awakened a force of Christian-themed commentary touching on subjects from the film's theological errors to its relation to the storyline of the Bible. Read more

Should Evangelicals Evolve on Homosexuality? [Video]

While acceptance of homosexuality may be a growing trend among professing evangelicals, still the majority of evangelicals simply aren’t convinced. Evangelicals, for the most part, aren’t buying the arguments the “gay Christian movement” is selling. Read more

'We do not fear' the government's crackdown on churches, Chinese Christian says

A letter written by a house church member in China has condemned the Chinese government for its strict restrictions placed on religious communities, but says that his church are not afraid in the midst of a crackdown on Christianity. Read more

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